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Il Melograno

Pizzeria | Melun

The history of our Melograno began in 1957 in a small Sicilian village called Montevago. In this village we lived, my father Michele, he planted a young grenadier in our garden, to which he always paid great attention. Thanks to him, our Melograno grew lush and strong, giving us its wonderful fruits, sweet and colorful.

The years went on until 1968, or on a cold January night, the devil of destruction arrived with his crushing force: it was trembling!

The terrible earthquake has reduced the entire Belice valley to dust, snatching everything in its path. It had destroyed everything: the villages, the streets, but also our beautiful house and, with it, a part of our life ... Suddenly, where there was everything, there was nothing left, except him, our grenadier!

Many years have passed since then ... My father is now in heaven, but yet the grenadier, whom he had planted with us with all his cares and love, is still there ... and even if no one Does not deal with it any more, with its incredible strength, it still happens to produce its berries !!

Strong and unshakable, the grenadier is the image of abundance, fortune, union and life. It is for this reason that we have chosen it as a symbol.

For us, Il Melograno, it's not just our restaurant, but it's much more ... it's the result of a family project, in which we believed, with all our efforts despite difficult times.

Il Melograno is the symbol of our union, our love for the family and our desire to build our future together ... Il Melograno is a dream come true and this dream, we hope to transmit it to you whenever you are our hosts.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Il Melograno.

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